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Our Nassau Hub Poll

What would you like Nassau Hub to be?


2024 Presidential Election

Who should be the GOP nominee for president in 2024?

Should Donald Trump run for President again?


Our Suffolk County Executive Poll

Which Republican would you like to see run for Suffolk County Executive?


Are our children safe in Long Island schools?

Do you believe that there is adequate security in Long Island’s schools?

Do you believe that each school should have an armed retired police officer?

Do you believe that teachers who are trained in firearm safety should be able to possess a firearm?

Do you believe that at least one gun should be in a locked box in the main office?

Do you believe that no guns at all should be allowed on the school campus?


Our TikTok Poll

Should Chinese-owned TikTok be banned from the United States?


Our Thanksgiving Poll

Should retail stores be closed on Thanksgiving (like it was years ago) so everyone can be with their family?


Our Halloween on Sunday Poll

Do you think Halloween should be on the last Sunday in October?


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