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How does inflation affect you the most?


School Budgets

Will you be voting in favor of the proposed budget in your school district?


Protests on College Campuses

Do you think it was right for police to break up the protests on college campuses?


Electric Cars

How soon will you be buying an electric car?


State Budget

Do you believe the state budget delivered enough money to Long Island?



Should squatters be allowed to live on other people’s properties?


Deputizing Armed Citizens

Do you support Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman’s proposal to deputize county residents who own a gun?


Sands Casino Project

Do you want to see the Sands New York Casino being built in Nassau County?


Leaving Long Island

If you were to leave Long Island, what would be the main reason?


2024 Elections

Now that the Republican and Democrat presidential candidates have secured their nominations, who do you intend to vote for this Election Day?


National Guard on NYC Subways

What do you think of having the National Guard on the subways?


The Proposed Congressional District Map

Which proposed congressional district map do you prefer?


Bruce Blakeman’s Executive Order

Do you support Bruce Blakeman's executive order banning transgender athletes from competing against female athletes?


“To-Go” Beverages

Do you support Governor Hochul's plan to make "to-go" beverages permanent?


State Aid for Schools

Are you confident that Foundation Aid funding for Long Island schools will be put back in the budget?


Blakeman’s Comments on Hochul

Do you agree with Bruce Blakeman’s assessment that the state should stay out of Long Island?


Suffolk County Executive

With Ed Romaine as the new Suffolk County Executive, what should his top priority be?


Housing on Long Island

Do you believe that housing on Long Island will become more affordable in 2024?


Holiday Spending

How much money do you plan to spend on gifts this holiday season?


Removing McCarthy As Speaker

Should Kevin McCarthy have been removed as House Speaker?


Siena College Poll

After reading about the Siena College poll, what concerns you the most?



Should LIPA be privatized?


Local Events

Do you think politicians should promote themselves on signs at free local events?


How difficult is it for you to make the following payments (1=easy; 5=difficult)?

School/Property Taxes (1=easy; 5=difficult)

Utility Bills (1=easy; 5=difficult)

Mortgage Payments (1=easy; 5=difficult)

Special District Taxes (water, fire, etc.) (1=easy; 5=difficult)


Long Island

Do you see yourself leaving Long Island?


Suffolk County Sewers

How should Suffolk County pay for new sewers?


Elections for County Executive and District Attorney

When should elections for county executive and district attorney be held?



Should one judge be able to overrule Obama’s immigration DACA decision or Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy?


What Concerns You About Your School District?

As a parent and taxpayer, how concerned are you about children being taught critical race theory (CRT)/gender theory in your school district?

As a parent and taxpayer, how concerned are you about taxes/school budgets in your school district?

As a parent and taxpayer, how concerned are you about violence in schools/possibility of school shooting in your school district?

As a parent and taxpayer, how concerned are you about parents having a role in vetting books that appear in school libraries in your school district?


Nassau Hub

What would you like Nassau Hub to be?


2024 Presidential Election

Who should be the GOP nominee for president in 2024?

Should Donald Trump run for President again?


Suffolk County Executive

Which Republican would you like to see run for Suffolk County Executive?


Are Our Children Safe in Long Island Schools?

Do you believe that there is adequate security in Long Island’s schools?

Do you believe that each school should have an armed retired police officer?

Do you believe that teachers who are trained in firearm safety should be able to possess a firearm?

Do you believe that at least one gun should be in a locked box in the main office?

Do you believe that no guns at all should be allowed on the school campus?



Should Chinese-owned TikTok be banned from the United States?



Should retail stores be closed on Thanksgiving (like it was years ago) so everyone can be with their family?


Halloween on Sunday

Do you think Halloween should be on the last Sunday in October?


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