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Welcome to Long Island Life & Politics, the only alternative news source from Long Island.

Some of you might be old enough to remember the days when weekly newspapers flourished on Long Island. One of the most popular was Suffolk Life Newspapers, which provided local coverage with editorial content that acted as a watchdog for taxpayers and kept elected officials on their toes and accountable.

To many of us, the mainstream media has a clear leftist bias. That’s OK when the media outlet admits it is primarily an opinion-based forum. But, too many of these media sources hold themselves out as being objective truth seekers, when, in fact, their coverage is clouded by their preconceived far-left narratives.

I wrote about this extensively in my 2014 book, Bias in the Media.

Bias can be evident not just in what is said in an article, but also by what is not said.

Editors with their own embedded ideology decide what is news and what is not. A story may attain a totally different slant based upon its headline or where important statements are placed within the article, if they are included at all.  Bias by omission is a common practice. Who the reporter reaches out to and quotes is also very important in shaping the story.

A number of elected officials and candidates, as well as locally involved residents, have complained to us that their very newsworthy stories were unable to make it into print, given the somewhat monopolistic media environment today on Long Island.

Years ago, if you were shut out of Long Island’s major media outlet, you were able to have a chance of being heard from Suffolk Life or other well-read papers. That is less the case today on the print or broadcast side. But now, with our new online newspaper, different perspectives can flourish.

We want to hear from you. If your letters or articles are not seeing the light in other forums, give ours a try.

We speak for the 50% of the population that feels shut out from the forums of expression that are controlled today by elites in academia, entertainment, major newspapers and social media.

Welcome. Now, let the debate begin!

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