Christine Ponzio Presents “Hire for a Higher Purpose!” at LIMBA

Ms. Ponzio has worked with individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities and their families for more than 35 years. She started her career in 1989 at the Developmental Disabilities Institute’s (DDI) Children’s Residential Program as a Special Educator and became the voice for children who had not yet found theirs.

She served as the Director of the Young Autism Program (YAP) and developed countless opportunities for students and families to find great success and created an environment for staff members to excel. She served as the key administrative and clinical leader for the New York Centers for Excellence for children with autism and complex needs. She led the team to target and achieve deliverables related to a new reimbursement methodology; develop a statewide data repository with the potential for predictive analytics; improve assessment, screening and intervention methods; and inform research and create communications platforms for sharing and disseminating information internally and to New York State providers.

Today, Ms. Ponzio works with over 20 companies who have embraced a neurodivergent workforce.

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