Why We Have a Migrant Crisis on LI and How We Can Solve It

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Democrats created the problem, and only they can fix it


  1. Illegal aliens are surging our southern border by the millions.
  2. The surge was encouraged by President Biden, who, in 2020, said, “I would make sure that we have an immediate surge at the border.”
  3. Democratic mayors across the nation, including Eric Adams of New York, rolled out the red carpet for illegal immigrants, promising $300-per-night hotel stays, free food and even working papers.
  4. After the illegal immigrants took up Biden and Adams on their offers, the mayor realized that his irresponsible policy was costing taxpayers $4 billion a year. He had to cut back on services such as library hours and crossing guards.
  5. Adams’ policy overloaded the city’s already over-capacity housing and shelter systems.
  6. Rather than demanding that the president close the border, he simply asked the feds to give the city more money.
  7. Adams started shipping the illegal aliens he encouraged to come out to surrounding suburbs that didn’t create the problem.
  8. Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul is now seeking to use SUNY campuses to house the illegal immigrants.
  9. Republican towns and counties said, “Hold on.” Don’t ask us to pay for your foolish liberal policy experiments.
  10. Republican executives in Nassau and Rockland are fighting back, refusing to play along with this insane policy that crumbles local services and overburdens taxpayers, while simply encouraging even more illegal immigrants to travel to our region.
  11. Democratic executives in Suffolk and Albany, while opposing housing immigrants in hotels, are supportive of Hochul’s plan to house them at our college campuses.
  12. Little to no concern is expressed about veterans displaced from housing, or homeless citizens not getting housing options those here illegally do https://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/new-york-elections-government/ny-thousands-nyc-supportive-housing-units-empty-migrant-crisis-20230528-docbsw5a6ffajbgeows6uv62pq-story.html?lctg=24F3545105F604B1346C835568&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=https%3a%2f%2fwww.nydailynews.com%2fnews%2fpolitics%2fnew-york-elections-government%2fny-thousands-nyc-supportive-housing-units-empty-migrant-crisis-20230528-docbsw5a6ffajbgeows6uv62pq-story.html&utm_campaign=Breaking-News&utm_content=%23Listrak%5cDateTimeStampNumeric%23, or, for special-needs children, being robbed of needed attention because their teachers are spread too thin, or for citizens waiting in emergency rooms for six hours because the hospitals are overloaded, or for taxpayers will have to pick up the tab.
  13. Nor do they demand that President Biden take the immediate action necessary to close the border.
  14. All the president has to do is reinstitute the Remain in Mexico policy he inherited from the prior administration for anyone seeking asylum.
  15. The border crossing had been brought under control when the prior administration refused to release into the U.S. anyone seeking asylum and instead required them to stay in Mexico until their case was decided. (It could take ten years for that.)
  16. This was done through an executive order on January 25, 2019.
  17. There is no need for any Congressional action or so-called bipartisan immigration reform (which is really just another name for the granting of amnesty). Anyone pointing fingers at both parties or suggesting we need a bipartisan bill to solve the problem is letting President Biden off the hook.
  18. Biden opened the floodgates by issuing his own executive order in February 2021, reversing the Trump order that had given us the most secure border in decades.
  19. There are three possible reasons Biden reversed the previously successful policy:
    1. Trump was so despised by the incoming administration that anything he implemented had to be bad policy and had to be reversed (even if it was successful).
    2. Biden had to pander to the Squad and the progressive wing of his party, many of whom are globalist Marxists. To them, borders are evil hurdles to the free flow of the worldwide proletariat working class.
    3. The most likely reason was to import millions of new potential voters, knowing over 60% will likely vote Democrat. https://www.nationalreview.com/2017/10/immigration-democratic-party-republican-party-dream-act-party-affiliation-conservatives-limited-government-traditional-values/
      This would convert red states into blue ones. The flip of just Texas alone could keep Dems in power for a generation. The chaos we are now experiencing, they believe, would be worth it to help cement that power grab.
  20. When people are asking what the solution is, they must understand this stampede is by design and the only way to end it is to pressure Biden to reverse his executive order that eliminated the Remain in Mexico policy.
  21. If you doubt Biden wants these border crossers to stay, you’d have to explain why the Biden administration is doling out billions to a cottage industry of non profits (known as NGOs) to give direction, aid and legal assistance to the illegal aliens.
  22. Biden claims to have reinstituted it, but that is not the case. His order actually allows for direct and immediate legalization if the people seeking asylum simply apply through an app in four designated counties (Cuba, Haití, Nicaragua and Venezuela) https://www.texastribune.org/2023/01/05/joe-biden-immigration-plan-el-paso-texas/ Requests for asylum after illegal entry are still permitted by the Biden administration, as we are presently witnessing. It doesn’t have to be this way.
  23. Instead of labeling the illegal border crossers as “legal asylum seekers” and coordinating with the governor to house more and more of them on our campuses, Democratic officials on Long Island need to get to the root of the crisis and demand their fellow Democratic president solve the problem immediately once for all by reinstituting the Remain in Mexico policy.


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