LIMBA Presents “Huntington Town Update” with Ed Smyth

Ed Smyth was elected Huntington Town Supervisor in 2021 after serving as Town Councilman for four years. He voted to dedicate the Town’s $22 million in funding from the American Rescue Act to the Huntington Station Hub Sewer Project, which will help encourage long-overdue economic investment and job creation in downtown Huntington Station.


As Councilman, Ed successfully proposed measures to prevent overdevelopment, preserve open space, reduce noise pollution and make the Cold War Veterans Tax Exemption permanent. His most important vote was to settle the decades-long LIPA lawsuit that would have otherwise bankrupted the Town.


He also voted to establish ethics reforms and fund critical infrastructure improvements. He has continued to keep taxpayers first by ensuring that local Town government is working efficiently, transparently and at a minimum cost to its residents and keeping spending under the tax cap, which helps the Town maintain its AAA bond rating.


In addition, Ed is a small business owner who practiced law in Huntington Village. He was President of the Huntington Lawyers Club and a member of the Lloyd Harbor ZBA. He also served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a (res.) Staff Sergeant.

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